Curious george bedroom set – decorating with America’s favorite monkey

Choosing a bed setPerhaps your child has read the Curious George book collection on seen the movies. Have developed a love for Curious George? Show it off with an adorable Curious George bedroom set.

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The look

These Curious George bedroom sets can provide an alternative to a drab factory bedroom collection and set the foreground to let your children’s imagination run wild. Covered in wacky paint splashes and images of George’s sweet face, they make for a fun and exciting decor.

The colors are bright and playful, with George’s favorite shade of Banana yellow being the most popular. The bedding can be the star of the show in a bedroom, Curious George won’t leave you disappointed!

The sheet designs range from bananas to kites, so the possibilities are endless.
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Why to buy

A room is where your growing children can learn to express themselves and display there personality, so give them a room they won’t want to leave with this exciting theme.

Get Curious george bedroom set now! Happy decorating!
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