14 Ideas about Spanish Style Bedrooms

Spanish style bedrooms are grounded in the Spanish style decor theme. Mainly derived from the various Mexican and religious elements in their cultures and traditions.

This Spanish style is more vibrant in color, with various Mexican handcrafting’s and old world textiles than most decor styles. Natural and organic building materials used in Spanish style bedroom furniture making engraved with intricate carving details.

Careful design combinations bring to life a rich and vibrant ambiance.


The Spanish style bedroom ideas, distinguished by the incorporation of a couple of decors detailing including:

Wrought-iron details are majorly traditional in the Spanish style decor can be incorporated in designing the rooms such as through chandeliers and candlesticks intricately placed to give the romantic feel.

Having wrought iron bed, or wooden beds with wrought iron decorative designs can also be used as Spanish style bedroom furniture.



  • Mexican textiles: these fabrics and textiles can be draped onto furniture and hung on shelves so as to add color and give a variety in the texture in the bedroom.
  • Mexican pottery: handmade and hand painted Mexican pottery can be intricately placed on furniture to contribute to the Spanish style bedroom ideas.
  • Mexican paintings: these inspired by the Mexican lifestyle and portrays their cultures and traditions. Adorning a piece of art to go with the Spanish style bedroom goes a long way into bringing the style to life.
  • Mexican accessories: Decorations with old time textiles, plush traditional rugs, carved wooden beds, and stucco walls, custom made pillows bring with it a bold and vibrant Spanish style bedroom element.

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The architectural designs of Spanish themed rooms are to have high ceilings supported by wooden beams perpendicular to narrow wooden strips bringing out this the decorative style.

Exposed wooden ceiling beams are a must have in your Spanish style bedroom. However, dark wood features and stucco paint can also bring out this vibe.

Vibrant colors bring out the warmness of the bedroom, and this contrasts the dark, sand or white colored walls and tiles.



Having a Spanish style bedroom is a modern trend that will give one the opportunity to explore their creativity and add more color and earthy elements to your bedroom style.


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